Pre – Occupational Service

Pre- Occupational Service

Pre- Occupational Service

Standard duties included with a Pre-Occupational service include the following:

    • Cupboards Inside.
    • Vacuum cleaning all carpets.
    • Spot cleaning all tile and wall surfaces throughout the property.
    • Cleaning of all skirting’s, lights and fittings.
    • Doors and doorframes.
    • Cleaning bathroom facilities – scrubbing of tiles if required.
    • Cleaning kitchen areas, oven and stove, cupboards inside.
    • Patios

Windows – All windows inside and outside (Window cleaning does not include outer windows on second floors or out of reach windows).  For out of reach windows, we will refer you to a recommended company that specializes in this area.

  • Garage
  • Servant Quarters

Our cleaning teams are high-calibre employees who love to clean.  Our employees are bonded and insured.  They work in teams so their energy level stays high to every job!

When it comes to cleaning your home or office, we know that hiring a team or a single Domestic cleaner you can trust and who respects your things are critical factors.  We seek out hard working people, we find people with the right attitude and energy who enjoy their job and take pride in their work.



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